Diamond Painting Card RED CANDLES popup 16x16cm

5,40  incl. vat

Timanttimaalaus / Diamond painting

Create dreamlike mosaic pictures with Diamond Painting. Diamond Painting involves placing sparkling gems on a colour-coded self-adhesive canvas. This set includes all you need to create a beautiful Diamond Painting Card!

Card size: 16x16cm (when folded)

Set includes:
- High quality folded card
- Light-coloured envelope
- Round diamonds, each colour packed separately
- Photo instructions
- A small tray
- Applicator pen with a dual tip (to apply one or several diamonds at time)
- Wax for the applicator pen

Diamond Painting

1. Remove a part of the protective foil to reveal some of the adhesive.
2. Dip the tip of the applicator pen in the wax.
3. Pick up the diamonds from the tray with the applicator pen.
4. Press the diamond on the indicated place flat side down on the card (check the correct colour code letter from each packaging).
5. Slowly remove the protective foil as you work on the diamond painting. Keep applying the diamonds until all indicated places are filled with diamonds.

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