Syväleikkuuterät / Deep Point Blades 2 kpl

15,95  incl. vat

Cricut Deep Point Blade

The Cricut Explore Deep Cut Blade (spare blade) makes it easy to cut a wider variety of materials for your projects. The Deep Cut Blade has a steeper blade angle (60 degrees) and harder, more durable steel. The deep cut blade is recommended for Magnet, Chipboard, Stamp material, Thick cardstock, Stiffened felt, Foam sheets, Cardboard, Thin Wood Veneer and some Fabrics.

- 2 x Deep Point Blade


Deep Point Blade is always used together with the Deep Point Blade Housing. Both the Blade and the Housing are black.

Can be used with the following machines:

Cricut Explore series
Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker 3

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